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Will You Get a Health Insurance Subsidy? You Might Be Surprised.

subsidyOne of the ironic points about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on the horizon (also known as “Obamacare”) is that insurance rates are going to rise. In fact, they already have since the plans offered today are required to provide immediate benefits up front: most notably preventive care (physicals, screenings and immunizations) offered at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient.  It’s a benefit and it costs money. Read More…

Apples and Oranges: Understanding the Four Levels of Health Care Coverage

apple-orangeOne of the most common—and justified—complaints heard from consumers when it comes to choosing heath insurance plans is the difficulty in comparing different plans, whether it is from the same carrier or across different carriers. It has likened to the challenge of comparing “apples to oranges,” as the old saying goes. That’s one of the reasons the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has established what it refers to as the Four Metal Levels of Health Care Coverage. Read More…

Leveling Insurance Premiums with Community Ratings: The Good News and the Bad

levelLast week, we talked about how the time for open enrollment is fast approaching—at which point those individuals who are presently “uninsurable” will no longer be declined coverage. This enrollment period begins October 1 for coverage to take effect January 1, 2014. We also mentioned how the structure of insurance rates will also change under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Under Obamacare, insurance premiums will be determined by something called “community ratings.” Read More…

Uninsurable? Not Any More. Open Enrollment for 2014 Coverage Begins October 1.

hourglass200x133I am sure you are no stranger to the political rhetoric that has floated about when it comes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or more commonly referred to as “Obamacare.”). However, if you haven’t given much additional thought to health reform, here are a few points to consider:

  • Despite this debate and division over its merits, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the law into effect.
  • Many thought that the Supreme Court would strike down the law by ruling the individual mandate as unconstitutional; yet the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate last summer.
  • Many thought President Obama would not be a re-elected based on his health reform-related policies; however, he was reelected. Read More…

Healthcare Reform is Coming…or Is it Already Here?

longterm-careDespite all the endless debate about the merits of President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or, “Obamacare”), I think we can all agree that the health insurance industry has been in disarray. Prices have been rising for decades while care levels have been falling. The point of debate has been about who is going to fix it, who is going to take credit for the fix and whether the fix will be something more government centric or more free market centric. Read More…

Navigating Health Reform (Part 5 of 7): Health Reform Resources

Staying on top of health reform is critical. Individual and business need to keep abreast of the many changes that have already occurred as well as be informed about those yet to be implemented. Nearly every week, I am invited to speak public about health reform, below is a very short list of resources I use to stay up to date. Give me a call if I can answer any questions specific to your situation, (614) 336-3636 x 7.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is organized in 2 separate bills: HR 3590, from the Senate and HR 4872 the reconciliation bill that was eventually passed by the President.
Department of Health and Human Services provide a list of their current areas of emphasis including: medical loss ratio, exchanges, grandfathered health plans, and the Patient’s Bill of Rights.
• The Kaiser Family Foundation has handy timelines of when the PPACA rules take effect. The “official” source for information about health care reform is at HealthCare.gov.
• Another very helpful blog is Chris Conover’s blog, U.S. Health Policy Gateway.”
• In 2014, many Americans will qualify for federal assistance to help pay for health insurance, the Kaiser Family Foundation has a Health Reform Subsidy Calculator that show the amount of the potential individual premium subsidy.
• Small business can earn up to 35% health premium subsidy through Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.
• The Incidental Economist blog is a fascinating reading that explains the economic forces that shape health reform.

This is part of a 7 part series called Navigating Health Reform, please review some of our past entries.

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