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Why Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

iStock_000016167666SmallFor people with a health savings compatible Ohio individual health insurance plan, setting up a Health Savings Account (referred to as an HSA) is a recommended option. HSAs are a special kind of bank account that allows you to put money aside to specifically cover out-of-pocket health-related expenses, like co-pays, deductibles, medications, etc. You can even pay for vision and dental expenses with funds from an HSA. It is also sometimes referred to as a Medical IRA Read More…

All you need to know about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

All you need to know about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Imagine an affordable health insurance plan that offers 100% preventive coverage that is NOT subject to your deductible. That’s right, no co-pay, no out of pocket 100% free for all preventive coverage. We’ve helped thousands of satisfied clients find affordable Wellness HSA’s.

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The insurance companies value prevention and early detection. They beleive in it so much that they literally give away most prevention and diagnostic services.

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Health savings accounts (HSAs) are savings plans that allow health care consumers to set aside tax-free money to cover current and future qualified medical expenses. An HSA allows account holders to set aside as much as $3,350 for individuals and $6,650 for families annually before federal taxes to cover out-of-pocket healthcare costs, for individual and family coverage respectively in 2015 (and indexed annually thereafter). Contributions to HSAs are made annually and can be made by both employers and individual account holders. Unlike flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in which funds must be used within a certain period of time or forfeited, unspent funds in an HSA can accumulate over time as tax deferred savings. If the money is used for medical expenses, it is never taxed. To enjoy the tax benefits, you’ll also need a HSA compatible high deductible health plan (HDHP). When paired together, funds from a HSA can be used to cover the deductible and other cost-sharing aspects of an HDHP, as well as other qualified medical expenses not covered by the HDHP.

We’ve helped thousands of satisfied clients find an affordable Wellness HSA and we can help you, too. Give us a call at (866) 577-3620 and we’ll help you find a health insurance plan that is. . .

Affordable – Up to 50% cheaper than group coverage
Portable – You can take it with you from job to job
Permanent – As long as you make your premium payment, nobody can take it away

How It Works

1) You enroll in an HSA-qualified HDLP. You’ll pay lower premiums and have an account designed to help you pay for qualified medical expenses.

2) You establish an interest-bearing HSA.

3) You and other individuals may make tax-advantaged contributions to your HSA, up to certain limits.

4) You may use your HSA debit card or personal check* to pay for qualified medical expenses. Your local bank can help establish an HSA bank account. We suggest

We suggest using H S A Bank. They have a suite of 18 mutual funds you can use and allocate. https://secure.hsabank.com/enrollment?ain=1020030

What are qualified medical expenses?

Eligible medical expenses are defined as those expenses paid for care as described in Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally, the IRS allowed some over-the-counter drugs to qualify as eligible medical expenses.

This is a partial list of eligible medical expenses. Visit the IRS’s website (Publication 502) for a more complete list of eligible medical expenses.

Artificial Limb
Artificial Teeth
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Braille Books and Magazines
Capital Expenses / Home Improvements
Christian Science Practitioner
Contact Lenses
Dental Treatment
Diagnostic Devices
Disabled Dependent Care Expenses
Drug Addiction
Drugs / Medicines
Eye Surgery
Fertility Enhancement
Founder’s Fee
Guide Dog or Other Animal
Health Institute
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Hearing Aids
Home Care
Hospital Services
Labor and Delivery
Laboratory Fees
Lead-Based Paint Removal
Learning Disability / Special Education
Lifetime Care – Advance Payments
Long-Term Care
Medical Services
Medicines / Drugs
Mentally Retarded, Special Home for
Nursing Home
Nursing Services
Organ Donors
Psychiatric Care
Stop-Smoking Programs
Vision Correction Surgery

Future value of money calculator for H S A contributions.


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The Company That Solved Health Care

Serigraph: The Company that Solved Health Care

Learn the best practices that can help your company change, innovate and stem the tide of runaway health care costs.

•In 2003, Kaiser Family Foundation estimated the average medical costs at $9,068 per family.
•In 2003, Serigraph costs were $8,302 per family, 8.5% below the national average.
•In 2009, Kaiser Family Foundation estimated the average medical costs at $13,591 per family.
•In 2009, Serigraph costs were $8,631 per family, 36% below the national average.

The Serigraph gap continues to widen.

How did they do it?

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Your Host:
Matthew Byrne

Mr. Byrne is also co-founder and CMO of Spiralight Group & MyHealthQuoter.com, a direct quoting system for those seeking health insurance for individuals, families and groups.

Mr. Byrne has developed proprietary systems and processes that leverage innovation to deliver cost savings to his clients.

Mr. Byrne also served as Vice President for BFG Group, a national financial services marketing solution provider. Mr. Byrne holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University and holds a life and health insurance license.


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Question we will answer in this episode;

Is our program structure, plan design and pricing appropriate?

Do we have all the right vendors, services, contracting and funding in place?

Are our employee communication efforts appropriate and effective – especially in regards to employee health and wellness and consumerism?

Do we have effective disease management and wellness programs for our employees?

Do our pricing and plan design features encourage cost-conscious behavior on the part of our employees?

Are we thinking about long-term solutions rather than simply quick fixes for this year?

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How to Save on Employer Sponsored Health Plans in Ohio

In today’s fast-paced, complex economy selecting a health benefits company can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming process. At MyHealthQuoter.com, we have a full portfolio of affordable, quality employee benefit programs. What’s exciting is that we will shop your benefits to all of the major carriers and make them compete for your business. We are dedicated to Ohio corporation and their residents and are one of Ohio’s best-known and trusted names in the health benefits industry. Read More…

HSAs – Health Saving Accounts


There are plenty of advantages to a Health Savings Account. Funds rollover each year, there’s no “use it or lose it and the account is FDIC insured. But the biggest advantage is the tax savings.

Even though you have received a tax deduction by putting your money into this account, the money is still yours to spend tax free, as long as you spend it on qualified medical expenses.  Since you have a high-deductible plan, this would of course include any expenses you incur from going to the doctor, purchasing prescription drugs, or paying other expenses toward your deductible.  Once your deductible is met, the health insurance covers your medical expenses as defined in the policy.

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