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Uninsured Help, Health Care Affordability Help

Some great resources for the uninsured and those with affordability issues (isn’t that all of us now?)


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February 1, 2013
March 1, 2013
April 5, 2013
May 3, 2013

Matthew Byrne has made a career helping people find affordable health insurance. He is the founder of MyHealthQuoter.com, a Dublin-based brokerage providing health insurance for individuals, families and corporations. Mr. Byrne is a subject matter expert speaking frequently about Health Care Reform, Defined Contribution Programs, COBRA, and Medicare.

The Company That Solved Health Care

Serigraph: The Company that Solved Health Care

Learn the best practices that can help your company change, innovate and stem the tide of runaway health care costs.

•In 2003, Kaiser Family Foundation estimated the average medical costs at $9,068 per family.
•In 2003, Serigraph costs were $8,302 per family, 8.5% below the national average.
•In 2009, Kaiser Family Foundation estimated the average medical costs at $13,591 per family.
•In 2009, Serigraph costs were $8,631 per family, 36% below the national average.

The Serigraph gap continues to widen.

How did they do it?

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Join us next week to find out how!

Your Host:
Matthew Byrne

Mr. Byrne is also co-founder and CMO of Spiralight Group & MyHealthQuoter.com, a direct quoting system for those seeking health insurance for individuals, families and groups.

Mr. Byrne has developed proprietary systems and processes that leverage innovation to deliver cost savings to his clients.

Mr. Byrne also served as Vice President for BFG Group, a national financial services marketing solution provider. Mr. Byrne holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University and holds a life and health insurance license.


Life & Health Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Group Dental, Vision & Life.

Review Part One Here,

Listen to my last episode Cost Savings Strategies for Group Health Plans at http://t.co/pQrO1Tvk. #BlogTalkRadio

Part Two will occur live at 11am on December 20th,
Listen to “The Company that Solved Health Care: Part 2” hosted by spiralight on 12/20/2011 11:00 AMEST #BlogTalkRadio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/spiralight/2011/12/20/the-company-that-solved-health-care-a-case-study-part-2

Question we will answer in this episode;

Is our program structure, plan design and pricing appropriate?

Do we have all the right vendors, services, contracting and funding in place?

Are our employee communication efforts appropriate and effective – especially in regards to employee health and wellness and consumerism?

Do we have effective disease management and wellness programs for our employees?

Do our pricing and plan design features encourage cost-conscious behavior on the part of our employees?

Are we thinking about long-term solutions rather than simply quick fixes for this year?

Matthew Byrne can be reached at (614) 336-3636 x 7 or by email at matt@myhealthquoter.com

Need a Health Reform Speaker? Find Matt on COPEC! http://copeceducation.org/speaker/Matthew.Byrn

How to Save on Employer Sponsored Health Plans in Ohio

In today’s fast-paced, complex economy selecting a health benefits company can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming process. At MyHealthQuoter.com, we have a full portfolio of affordable, quality employee benefit programs. What’s exciting is that we will shop your benefits to all of the major carriers and make them compete for your business. We are dedicated to Ohio corporation and their residents and are one of Ohio’s best-known and trusted names in the health benefits industry. Read More…