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Don’t Go it Alone: Five Reasons to Use a Health Insurance Broker from

10154211_10151953169196739_3618392723085904427_nImagine you had to completely replace the roof of your house. You have no idea where to begin, what kind of shingles you should use, or how to do the job. Plus, you learn there might be a government subsidy available to help you reduce your cost, but you are not sure if you qualify or even where to begin to find out.

You have two options:

  1. You can do it yourself, which means you can only hope to make the right choice of shingle at the right price, and you get to experience all the fun of doing the job completely on your own (which includes finding out about government support); or
  2. You can hire an expert to do all the heavy work for you, and also help you make the right decisions along the way. This includes getting you the right shingles for your home at the right price, making sure you get every subsidy for which you are eligible, and fully taking care of the installation.

The Surprise: For all the value and benefit this expert brings you, he does it ALL at no extra cost to you.

So which option would you choose?

Let’s be blunt: You would be foolish not to choose the second option, and try to do it on your own. And yet, that is just what millions of Americans do when they try to get health insurance–especially in the age of ObamaCare–on their own.

So if it is safe to say that you need an expert to help you properly replace the roof of your home, the same can be said about the challenge of finding health insurance. Imagine trying to replace your own roof versus having an expert work on your behalf. Think about those outcomes!

But unlike replacing your roof or even acquiring other kinds of insurance, such as life or auto, getting the right health insurance plan for you and your family is only the beginning of the journey–not the end.

Five Reasons to Let a Broker Help You

ONE – At minimum, the cost is the same regardless of where you get your insurance.

Whether you are logging in to,, working with your auto insurance agent (who just happens to be licensed in health insurance), or using an experienced health insurance broker, the price of the plan you ultimately choose is identical. Rates are state regulated and cannot be marked up or down in any way.

How a broker helps you save money is through their guidance and expertise, helping you find the right plan for your needs. This optimal choice, versus one a consumer might pick on their own, may cost less, or provide better coverage. Either way, the consumer saves time and money by using the service of a broker.

TWO – Your broker is at your side every step of the way.

Choosing the right health insurance plan is not a one-shot deal where you make your choice, pay the premium and forget about it. This is a multi-stage process, that has become increasingly complex, and your broker is there with you at each stage:

  1. Before. An experienced health insurance broker (an EXPERT in health insurance, not a jack-of-all-trades that just happens to be licensed for health insurance) will assist you in selecting the right plan based on your situation and needs. This also includes ensuring that your specific prescriptions are covered in your new plan (this is where most people risk a financial loss), and your doctors are in the carrier’s network.
  2. During. The application for health insurance can still be a daunting process, especially when applications are sent in but not received (this has been a problem for people trying to do it themselves). But what about government subsidies? How much, if any, are you eligible? How do apply for it? How do you receive it? Your broker is an expert in this and will take you through each step and make sure you get all for which you are eligible.
  3. After. Your broker is there with you for the life of your policy. This means that if you have a problem with a medical claim, or a billing question, your broker is your advocate. He or she will work with the carrier to make sure that any problems you encounter are resolved accordingly.

THREE – Your broker can help you regardless of where you get your health insurance.

There are many options from which to choose when purchasing health insurance. But as we indicated before, no matter where you purchase, the price of your plan is the same. Those rates are state regulated and cannot be changed. The good news is that we can help you regardless of where you go, or whether or not you are eligible for a subsidy. Because we work with all major carriers in the State of Ohio, our expert health insurance brokers have intricate knowledge about each carrier to help you make an informed decision, in less time.

FOUR – You need an advocate. At, you have one.

In the changing industry of health insurance, if you don’t know how things work or even what your rights are, then you are vulnerable. Your broker knows the lay of the land, and he/she also knows your rights as a plan member. Your advocate is ardently focused on empowering you with the knowledge you need to make the best choices when it comes to your health insurance. As experts in health reform, we are looking out for you. If you EVER have a problem to be resolved, or a question to be answered, we are here for you.

FIVE – We work for people, not insurance companies. For this reason, we do not just offer just ​one insurance product solution. We are here to educate about all your options, and serve you in making the best decision for your situation (regardless of what course you ultimately choose).

You know, not all brokers are the same. Our purpose is not to sell you a product, but to serve your needs through education and advocacy. Knowledge is power! And while you may not be an expert on health insurance reform, the best decisions are made when you know the facts, and are not going on false presumptions or misleading marketing messages. Sales people often manipulate; our goal is to teach and inform you, so you can make the best choices going forward.

Indeed, this track record speaks for itself, through our extended library of information resources and articles, webinars and live events. We are solely focused on clearing the confusion about various types of health plans, issues related to reform, and countless terms and definitions.

Still not convinced? Here is Some Perspective.

We have put together a quick snapshot of using a broker, compared with other options. The facts speak for themselves.

  MHQ_200x30BROKER Navigator Auto Agent
Licensed X X X
Plan Expertise X X
Muli-Carrier Experience
Only your broker can offer competitive choices from multiple carriers. Further, navigators and government call centers do not have the expertise you need to tap.
Enrollment Help X X X X
Claims Resolution
The government is the LAST place to call every time you have a claim; nor do you want to sit on hold with the carrier who denied the claim in the first place. Your broker will get you justice.
Billing Dispute Help
When your billing is gets messed up, upon who can you rely to advocate for you and fight for a remedy?
Subsidy Determination
Are they qualified, knowledgeable and capable in determining how much money you can get to help pay for your insurance?

When It Comes to Health Insurance and Reform, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.
For this Reason Above All, It’s Time to Give Us a Call.

A recent survey by The Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that about 84 percent of survey respondents ranked brokers as helpful and they were the highest ranked source. People need help, and those who are not seeking it are suffering the consequences. Don’t be one of them.

When health reform was first passed and it began to loom upon us, there were real questions about what role brokers would play in the “new order.” Many believed that we would no longer be needed; that all the confusion would be wiped away and the government would solve everyone’s problems and “navigators” would have all the answers.

But as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. At, our brokers have been following the turbulent path of health reform and keeping you informed every step of the way. You have the questions, and we have the answers. We are here to shed light, information and the facts to help YOU make the best choices possible when it comes to the health insurance you secure for yourself and your family. That is OUR mission, regardless of the course you ultimately take.

While we will always be here to serve, educate and empower you, the choice is ALWAYS yours.

To have knowledge is to be empowered. We welcome the chance to empower you. We can also be found on many of the social media sites: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

matt_81x106Matthew Byrne has made a career helping people find affordable health insurance in Ohio. He is the founder of, a Dublin-based brokerage providing Ohio health insurance quotes and services for individuals, families and corporations. Mr. Byrne is a subject matter expert speaking frequently about Health Care Reform, Defined Contribution Programs, COBRA, and Medicare. He can be reached at (614) 336-3636, and online at

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